As the digital world continues to expand and evolve, building a brand through online content is more important now than ever. Using podcasts to your advantage - both starting a podcast and being featured on podcasts - can boost your business, increase your client roster and grow your revenue. This guide is a great place to start.

This month’s guide shares:
• Key tactics for creating and maintaining a successful podcast
• How to pitch yourself to speak on podcasts (and maximize your efforts)
• How to ensure your podcast is accessible

Continuing to follow community guidelines, we met online via Zoom.

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business

Tuesday, april 13, 2021 via zoom (online)

April: Podcasts & Online Audio Content

Podcasts and Online Audio Content (Monthly Guide Download)

Rising Tide Resources

Honorable Mentions

-How to Start a Podcast from Smart Passive Income

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The Create!Podcast
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The following were resources were mentioned in the group by fellow members:

Thank you to Danielle Pasternak and Dan Moyer of Put a Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast for providing the majority of these notes in their presentation.

Put A Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast
   -Helping couples plan their wedding, allowing couples to be be themselves and find joy in their wedding planning
   -Their WHY & mission behind the podcast
        -Help couples confidently plan their wedding with tips, advice, and a community 
         -Give info that focuses on JOY v.s. FOMO marketing that the wedding industry offers

-There is still space in the podcast world for new ideas and your voice
        -You can bring your own personality, story, experience, and expertise to bring something new to the podcast space

You need to know your WHY
       -The purpose behind your podcast; how it helps, informs, motivates, inspires, or entertains people in your niche or industry 


If you’re going to be a guest on someone else's podcast:
 -What do they expect from you?
      -Current headshot, bio written in 3rd person, social and business links (all on 1 sheet)
       -Do they expect you to promote the episode on your own platforms?
 -Who is their audience? Listen to a few episodes of that podcasts
    -How much do you need to prepare?
     -Make notes and/or an outline to keep on track 
      -Send them your 5 talking points
       -Prepare your answer for “tell us about yourself”
-Do you have proper equipment?
      -You don’t have high-quality tech to be a guest
      -A simple wired microphone and headphones 
      -You need to be wired to your internet (not wifi)

Repurpose your content from each podcast
-Blog post
-Email newsletter
-Multiple IG posts 
-IG Stories 
-Reels/ Tiktok
-LIve on IG 
-Clubhouse chat

  -Need a program to record straight into your computer like Audacity, garage band.
  -Program to record with others like Squaddcast, Zencaster, and Zoom
   -You want separate audio files for each person for editing not just one single audio piece.

-30-40 minutes is a sweet spot 
     -Know your audience; when are they listening to your podcast.

-Launch with at least 3 episodes for people to binge listen.

    -Build audience or customer base
    -Market your business
    -Establish yourself as an “expert” 
    -Meeting interesting people by having guests
    -Earn income through sponsorship & affiliates, or membership community 
    -Want to learn and try to learn something new 

Things to keep in mind
    -There are different formats; solo, co-hosts, guest interviews, commentary style or a mix
    -You can even have a mix of these styles 
    -No one likes the sound of their own voice
    -Your first episode should be your worst- and that’s okay
    -You will make mistakes 
    -Start with a schedule that you can consistently produce episodes 
      -Monthly, weekly, twice a week, every other week
      -Can organize in seasons (10-15 episodes in a row and take a break)
     -Stay several steps ahead of the game
     -Batch record episodes several in one day
     -You don’t have to everything yourself
     -You can outsource (editing)

-Finding co-hosts- balance could work in your favor if you find someone who is completely different or even in a different profession but the same industry 
    -Wedding Planner & Wedding Photographer 

What should your podcast be about? 
   -I am good at …
    -My hobbies are…
   -I can speak with authority about…
   -I’m passionate about…
   -My special sauce is...

There are riches in the niches 

Being a guest on a podcast 
    -Do you research on that podcast 
    -Be specific on your are of “expertise” 
     -Bring ideas to the table 
     - 3 different big ideas with 5 talking points with each one to pitch and convey the value you bring to THEIR audience as well as your own.

-Anchor is a platform to be weary of
    -It’s free but Anchor owns all of that content 

Show up for the listeners, not for yourself 
    -Show up first to provide the value and information for the listeners and THEN at the end you can promote/mention your website/socials/book, course etc. where they can find more content on the topic they just listened to 

-Make a list of the podcasts you want to be featured on
    -It may take contacting a handful of them before someone bites