Tonight’s topic was Protecting Your Business. We were so excited to introduce our speaker, Braden Adam Drake. Braden is a California licensed attorney and tax professional. His tagline is your gay best friend here to help you get your legal, tax, and financial shit legit. Braden works primarily with service based, creative small business owners through his signature program Profit Rx.

We talked about:
What you need in every contract
How to set clear boundaries with your clients
What to do if a client breaks your contract
Should you trademark?
Why protecting your business is good for you and your clients

Tuesday, january 11 , 2022 via zoom (online)

January 2022: Protect Your Business

Honorable Mentions

Braden shared about Layers of Protection and what you should be doing at the various stages of your business. You can view the replay of his global meetup presentation here:


Revisit your contracts every year to make sure they're up-to-date.

Insurance: Most policies are for general liability and start at $50ish/mo. You’ll likely want to add professional liability. Get a referral to find someone who knows your industry.

Consider sub-contractor agreements if you don't have one and update them if you do have one.

Benefits of a trademark: logo, phrases, etc. Can cost $1000-$2000 with an attorney. Be careful hiring an online company to do a trademark because they often don’t do due diligence and they rely on you to give them all the information. An attorney will charge you more to fix the application rather than starting with them to start with.

Copyrighting your work and your website is important!


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Braden Drake, Contract Vault  
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Profit First by Mike Michalowitz


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