It’s about ensuring each interaction a potential client has with your business is fundamentally designed to serve all people and respects diversity of identity and ability. Operating with inclusivity in mind is good for your clients, business and community; you might call it a winwin- win.

In this month’s guide, we are sharing actionable steps to help you create a more inclusive client experience in your business that will make people feel welcome and eager to work with you.

Continuing to follow community guidelines, we met online via Zoom.

What does it mean to create an inclusive client experience?

Tuesday, June 8 , 2021 via zoom (online)

June: Inclusive Client Experience

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Thank you to Donna Forsythe, owner of Lehigh Valley Celebrants and Celebrant Academy, for sharing her story, experience, and advice. 

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Main Takeaways from the Meeting Notes

“Inclusion and diversity require embracing the opportunity to think differently and genuinely valuing the inclusion of diverse voices in your content marketing."- How to Do Diverse and Inclusive Content Marketing That Matters

Tokenism is often taken advantage of in lieu of actually taking action and implementing change

Acceptance vs Tolerance 

Customer Journey
    -What can you do to make your customer/client experience exceptional in every way?
     -Have you ever mapped out your customer journey?
     -People usually find you first via your website or social media. What are the first impressions someone might have on your website or social media? 
     -Start with what you believe to be your customers’ pain points 
    -Fears, concerns, or questions they have regarding your industry/business

Audit Your Online Presence
     -Audit yourself on a regular basis! 
     -Ask friends to give feedback.
      -Emails & Correspondence
      -Check your emails and the language you use in all of your correspondence as well as any materials or resources you send clients. 
       -Are you asking the questions that let them know you are open to all, and want to hear their perspective? Do you include your pronouns and ask them for theirs?

"Building good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design.”- Clare Muscutt

Re-Evaluating Your Foundations
Code of Ethics, Vision and Mission Statements 

Re-Defining Your Business Goals 
     -Diverse and Inclusive Business Practices
     -Do you network with a diverse group of people? How could this help your business? Do you refer business to others who are not “like you”
     -Do you connect with other professionals who are in your same line of work? Are you inclusive with this group?
     -What are your board of affiliations, volunteer work, who donate to?

Action Items
     - Start doing projects that bring these subjects to light or educate your target audience on these issues, whether reassuring them you are inclusive or helping others on how to be more inclusive. 
     -Consider doing a styled shoot, and authentically represent your target groups. 
    -Do a blog feature to speak on these topics either on your website to share online or pitch yourself to a magazine, online blog, etc. 
    -Collaborate on a project or offer feature in a newsletter