It’s happened to you before, we bet. You have your eye on a new ___fill in the blank___, do a quick Google search and peruse the website to decide if you’re ready to buy. You decide to wait on your purchase only to open up Facebook or Instagram to see the exact same product waiting for you in your feed or on the side bar as a sponsored post. Welcome to the world of online ad strategy and, unsurprisingly, it often works. But how can you make it work for your business? This guide is a great place to start.

This month’s guide shares:
• The “How Tos” for kick-starting your online advertising, even on a small budget
• The keys to designing successful assets and landing pages (so that your ads actually convert)
• How to determine the ROI of your online ads... and make them better

Continuing to follow community guidelines, we met online via Zoom.

How to Turn Clicks into Customers:
The Online Ad Strategy
Every Business Owner Needs

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 via zoom (online)

March: Online Ad Strategy

Online Ads Strategy (Monthly Guide Download)

Rising Tide Resources

Honorable Mentions

-Flodesk or Mailchimp for email campaigns 
-Google My Business
     -Clients can leave reviews & great for SEO
-LaunchBox Ladies out of Penn State Lehigh Valley.   
     -Free webinars for education 

The following were resources were mentioned in the group by fellow members:

-Ads need to be 1 goal specific with 1 specific outcome 
    -Direct to an education blog post
    -Capture emails in exchange for a free download 
     -Enter a giveaway

-Your landing pages and website need to be solid and flow together to create a seamless sales funnel that then continues to weed out people who are not your ideal clients/customers 
     -Utilizing repel and attracting tactics works well here 

-You can outsource this service and pay someone to run your campaigns and create landing pages

-Use an email platform (Flodesk, Mailchimp, etc.) for email campaigns
    -Capture emails and keep leads “warm” until they are ready to buy with an email campaign that send out useful info and offers every week 
    -Funnel people into a VIP Private FB group that will keep them interested 
    -Provide a free resource to keep them interested until they are ready to buy 

-Create content that will help your ideal clients or answer a question or solve a problem and build the ad around that
    -Create a blog post to direct people to that is helpful 
    -Capture emails for a free download

-If you’re placing an ad, make sure your website and offerings are amazing because it’s super quick that people make a decision to stay or leave on your landing page/website
    -It’s just about running an ad; it’s about making sure all of your marketing components are great and flow together

-You do have to keep producing content and keep putting yourself and your content out there
    -People won’t magically flock to you off of one piece of content or ad

-Put your content out there 4-7 times to get someone to act on your ad 
   -They may have to see an ad several times before saying yes 

-Be mindful of your target audience- where are they hanging out? 
    Know your platform before you decide on ads 

-Getting published in magazines 
     -Fig, LV Style, Pennsylvania Weddings 
      -Can be expensive so be mindful, again, of where your ideal clients are hanging out. Will you client see your work in a particular magazines