This topic is very timely as we continue to navigate our new normal. Our resources are limited, daily life and our schedules look very different, and so many of us are struggling financially as our takes a plunge. It's downright overwhelming. We hear you, friend.

While we cannot control the world around us, we CAN control our personal reaction to all of it. Taking the time to check in with our mental state is increasingly important. Properly caring for our mind, body and soul is essential.

We will get through this unsure period of distress, but how can we make sure our mental health doesn't suffer in the meantime? By leaning on each other during this time, we can come together as a group to listen, share thoughts and ideas, and most importantly, support one another.

Caring for Your Mental Health

May 13, 2020 on Facebook Live

May: Mental Wellness

Speaker: Rebekah Peluszak

Becky, owner of Rebekah Peluszak Design, is an illustrator and designer who loves clean lines and simplistic design. Starting in the small business and non-profit branding arena, she’s now refocused her attention to surface design, creating illustrations for products.

Becky is on an imperfect journey towards sustainable living, ethical consumerism, and cultivating a minimalist lifestyle. She’s also a strong advocate for saying what we actually mean and keeping mental health a very open discussion.⁠

When not working towards her goals or dreaming of a remote tropical island beach, Becky is living life with her favorite peeps - hubby Dallas and their two kids - and planning their future adventures.

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