Tonight’s topic was How to Build Your Unique Brand. We were so excited to introduce our speaker, Alisa (Uh-lee-sa) Wismer. Alisa is a Branding & Design professional with the car, paper goods & gifts company called Hello Doodle Paper Co. – where she explains her mission as “Art is for everyone, and should be easy, fun and joyful to create and share with others.” Alisa has been freelancing for about 7 years, and started her own branding studio business for 5 years ago. She specializes in offbeat, unique branding & brand strategy that helps clients align with their ideal audiences in an authentic, charming way – which can absolutely be seen in her playful illustrations, hand lettering, color schemes, and overall carefree vibe of her designs and branding projects.

Tuesday, April 12 , 2022 via zoom (online)

May 2022: How to Build Your Brand

Honorable Mentions

So what is branding and why is it important?

Visuals, how you speak to your customers and clients, your tone of voice on social media, your client experience package and gifts, your website or online portfolio, and so much more!

Your visuals introduce your brand before they actually meet you.


Rising Tide Guide - Digital business card

Brand in a box – predesigned branding/semi-custom for brand new business owners