This month, we combined a couple of topics that we feel go hand and hand beautifully -- Networking and Philanthropy. Both have benefits to your business, meanwhile enhancing and supporting your community and your personal mission.

Adding Value to Your Business & Community Can Go Hand in Hand

Tuesday, November 9 , 2021 via zoom (online)

November: Networking & Philanthropy

Honorable Mentions

Thank you to Tiffany Sondergaard of --ts PR & Event Planning for sharing her experience and expertise when it comes to networking and philanthropy. 

Tiffany has established herself as a leader in elevating many important nonprofits and charitable organizations for the betterment of our community!

When you do larger projects, give yourself 6 or so months to built things up and plan everything.

Make sure when you partner or with other businesses, companies, or organizations that you both or all are on the general same page as far as mission statements and goals for your own businesses or if they complement each other at least.
    -The charity and goal for fundraising should be the same for everyone involved. 
    -Sponsorships are also a great way to partner with bigger companies and organizations for events.

Also, make sure the end goal of the partnership is the same and that everyone understands the expectations and what everyone gets out of the event or project. You can even write out a project proposal for everyone to review and sign (if you don't have a legal contract) just to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

When you ask the general public to donate, you almost need to give something in return (trading services for either payment AND donation portion or just donation) 
     -People are much more likely to give if they get something in return. 

Philanthropy means the most when you follow your heart and do something that means a lot to you personally. 

Pick something. Leave a mark in this world. Choose something and make a difference. If it's a cause that's close to your heart, then you'll feel more fulfillment. 

Networking is a great way to meet people who already have connections with others or are involved themselves in philanthropic projects for you to join if it’s the right fit. 

Connection is key in both networking and philanthropy. 
     -Networking is the basis of philanthropy. 

Networking Ideas:

    -Setting up a table at craft shows to talk to people and other vendors (for product-based businesses)
    - Participating in styled Shoots for wedding vendors to meet other vendors for referrals, get your work out there and in front of potential clients. 
    -Starting with local Chamber of Commerce events, Rotary clubs
     -You can join networking groups that then do donation drives or charitable events.


Giving Tuesday November 30, 2021

One Million Cups- National networking group with local chapters

The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce (to either register your business or to attend networking events)